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There are many reasons to work at McDonald’s. Explore our positions in which you can work and learn about our working hours. In addition to your salary, you also receive unique benefits for your performance! And most importantly, you do not need to worry there is something you are not familiar with because you will be going through excellent and thorough initial training.

Types of positions at McDonald’s



This is a position that none of our restaurant can do without.

You are responsible for preparing burgers, fries…, serving customers or making sure the restaurant is clean and tidy. Your goal is to create a great customer experience.



If you are skillful and like coffee, this is the position for you.

First, we will teach you everything and you will also be able to attend an extension course for baristas.



This position is ideal for friendly and open people who create a pleasant ambience for our guests.

They look after our youngest customers, organize competitions and prepare programs for children’s parties.

Leader péče o hosty

Guest care leader

Your goal is the maximum satisfaction of all customers.

You are able to anticipate customers’ needs, which allows you to provide them with quick and friendly help.

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At McDonald’s, the only measures of an employee’s work assessment are their work performance, results and willingness to improve themselves. Therefore, everyone has the same opportunities for further career growth.

You can become a Crew Trainer who provides initial training to new employees, a Floor Manager to oversee the various parts of the operation, an Assistant to lead entire shifts or even a Restaurant Manager. He or she is in charge of the entire restaurant and its results and is responsible for a team of up to 120 employees.


Working hours

Students plan their shifts according to their school schedule, moms have the chance to be free in the mornings and we also offer part-time work.

There is no universal rule for shift planning, but we can always come to an arrangement with anyone who is interested in their work.

You can schedule your shifts directly at the restaurant or remotely via the web.


Slevová karta


Individuální bonusy za výkon

performance bonuses

Příspěvky na stravu


And that is not all. Each restaurant offers additional benefits, which may vary by location or job position. We will gladly present everything to you at a personal interview.

Initial training

At McDonald’s you can start with no work experience.
We will teach you everything you will need for your job at the initial workshop. Its duration varies depending on the type of job and it is conducted by an experienced trainer. However, other colleagues also help during their shifts, including the restaurant manager.

From the very first day, we are on a first-name basis with everyone and it is the team spirit that helps us to achieve our best results. Students plan their shifts according to their school schedule, moms can be free in the afternoon and we also offer part-time work. We can always come to an arrangement with anyone who is interested in their work.

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